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Why this site? I still don't know yet. Maybe because I have something to say and I'm not very good at telling or writing it. All I can do is what you can see, now in front of you. Call it as you want: graphic design, scratching the screen, etc. If you don't like what I do, just go and visit these beautiful website about Romania and the monasteries from Northern Moldavia.
If you are in a hurry, if your wife is still not at home, if your favorite sex magazine has just arrived, if your pet is not fed enough, if your kids are still at school, if your mother-in-law is not quite passed away, if your father-in-law still bothers you on the phone with his 1917 stories, if the whole world is spinning too fast for you (especially when you come home from the pub), etceteras. If all this happens and what is above is not loaded, just click here:

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